I am currently on my world book tour of my seminal novel, Sticky Digits. Check out my events page to see if I am coming to a town near you and if not, why not book me!


Orginally born and raised in Frampton on Severn (west gloucestershire) I experienced a repressed and somewhat boring childhood. This is mainly due to my mother, Barbara. Feel free to email her for verification (

During a tedious 12 year career in the nuclear energy sector I knew I was destined for greater things. Call centres are a hot bed of erotic writing material and the nebulous of ideas began to form in my brain. When I got the offer of compulsory redundency, I knew it was time to take the leap and embark on the career i’d always dreamed of. A path which would allow me to help people and change lives.


Accompanied by my husband Keith, I trained in my discipline by taking a two weeks writers retreat in Andulcia under the tutorage of erotic fiction guru, Raul Fernandez . Then upon my return I was off, like a speeding erotic fiction bullet train. That year I wrote 28 books…

Many you may well have heard of: Panties Inferno, Hooked: Romp in the abbitoir, Butterfingers: After Hours in the Dairy, ResErection, Pull out on my HARD shoulder, Castration in the Library: Shhhhhhhhhh and many more…

I am currently working on her new prehistoric erotica eVULVAlution which will be out for release in 2018 as well as a brand new screenplay; Push up my premium: Under the covers with an underwriter. I welcome casting submissions!

To cater for the expected high demand of my books Keith and I have set up our own publishing company, DeMenthe Publishing which is run from our spare bedroom. We are welcoming massive investment opportunities to help fund this.