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Asphyxiation (It’s not for everyone)

A thrilling love story between a man, a woman and a plastic bag. “He lay on the floor, breathless. Literally, he had stopped breathing. Rhonda knew she should get help, but was also strangely aroused at his lifeless body. She began the stopwatch on her phone. 5 minutes she thought, then she’d begin CPR. Rhonda

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Scared Stiff – a Sexy Halloween Tale

DeMenthe Publishing presents a special Halloween treat… Pamela DeMenthe’s chilling erotic tale: ‘Scared Stiff’! Having been dead for the past 10 years Tina was starting to feel pretty horny. The big problem was, being a ghost made dating nearly impossible! Until she met new local vicar Rev. Bernard Jones.  “He can exorcise me sideways!” Tina

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