So what makes me different from erotica authors like EL James and the other ones? Aside from the fact I’m better. It’s simple. I’m a triple threat!

I write, I illustrate and I self-publish. Can EL James say that? I doubt it.

That said it’s not always an easy road to success. So to make the journey easier for you, let me share with you five of my top tips for how to make it as an erotica author.

There are so many different genres of erotica out there. In my books I try to combine different genres to widen my audience. For example, in one of my books, to appeal to the female readers, I write about unicorns. But then if I want to pull in the male market, I include as many DIY references as possible. But why stop there? If I weave in a Second World War biopic, I’m tapping into the over-sixties too. That way there really is something for everyone!

One of the pitfalls many erotica authors fall into is the over-use of clichés for describing genitalia. Why not replace the hackneyed “throbbing member” with a “flailing meat kite” or “miniature gristle sceptre”. It will certainly leave a lasting image in your readers’ mind.

It’s important not to scrimp on detail, as it helps give context to your book. Plus it massively pushes up your word count. However, if you’re worried about that taking hours, why not use my timesaving tip. Copy and paste from the internet! There are some fantastic resources such as Wikipedia out there that really do the legwork, so you don’t have to.

If you can’t be bothered to describe, why not include an illustration or diagram? Not only will it take up more space on the page, it also reduces the risk of your readers imagining wrong.