“Wonderful character study in the great tradition of the British comedy monster…a wonderfully assured hour of character comedy that does for the sexy novel what Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place did for horror.”
The Wee Review, Kevin Ibbotson-White, Edinburgh Fringe 2017, 5 Stars

“This is fifty minutes of surreal and verbally dexterous funniness.”
UK Theatre Network, GD Mills, Edinburgh Fringe 2017, 4.5 Stars

“The strangest show I have seen, but in a good way. Absolutley Hilarious”
Edinburgh Culture review, Edinburgh Fringe 2017 4.5 Stars

“An unlikely tale of sexual liberation and corvids, she hits every erotica trope and uses more synonyms for the male member than you can shake a tumescent meat popsicle at.”
The List, Suzanne Black, Edinburgh Fringe 2017, 3 Stars