Publishing can be a trick tricky business so one way to side step getting a publisher is to set up your own company and publish your own books. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. You have noone stifling your creativity; saying things like “no” or “That’s spelt wrong” or “That’s inciting hate crime”
It’s so freeing!

Things you need to consider when publishing.

  1. How will you print the books? Have you or your family members got access to printing facilities you can use other wise it could get very expensive.
  2.  What font should you use? Most publishers pick something very classic like times new roman or ariel. I found that to be boring. So I went with a font that was going to give impact. So i went with IMPACT. If you pick a large font size like 24 you’ll find it takes up more room and ulitmatley make your book thicker. Thicker book=cleverer writer!
  3. Make your own book covers! I recommend Paint by microsoft.
  4. How will you fund your business? Good question. Luckily I have the answer. I have BTEC in business so i spotted a gap in the erotic fiction market. Sponsorship! I include many references to brands and businesses to allow them investment opportunites. Think of the dozens of people who will see their brand!