Slip it in my Ballot Box

Election day 2015, the heat was at boiling point. Nicola and Ed were in a meeting room at number 10.
” Um I’ve told you before Nicki and I’ll tell you again, it’s not going to happen!” She looked at him with that look, the one that sent delicious volts of electricity running down his spine…”But Ed, I didne mean a coalition of parties, I meant a coalition… of our loins” Ed’s jaw dropped open, “um oh my” he stuttered, his voice increasingly nasal under the thick sexual tension in the room.
They were interrupted by a knocking at the door, the handle turned and David’s puffy face poked through the gap “Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” In the distance they heard cheers from Nigel and his entourage and what sounded like a conga line forming down the corridor. David’s cheeks were more flushed than usual, he was drunk again…
“It’s not over yet Dave” said Ed not even turning to look at him. He commanded an authoritative air that Nicola hadn’t heard before. She raised one eyebrow, she was impressed. “Leave us alone will ye Dave, we’ve got to discuss this erection, I mean this… election” she corrected herself. David snorted and then disappeared from the doorway, they heard his laughter echoing in the corridor. The door slammed shut, the laughter faded away and they were alone again.