Sticky Digits

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‘Sticky Digits‘ The tale of Mandy, a woman who thought she’d never love again – until she meets the ultra sexed Tesco delivery man Rodrigo. A metaphorical fire ignites over the shopping, but will a raven come between them?

‘Sticky Digits: An Evening with Pamlea DeMenthe’ gives audiences the rare opportunity to share in Pamela’s journey to literary success and hear a reading of her summer scorcher.

What the press says:
“Never In my life have I read such a …erotic novel. DeMenthe has an incredibl[e] …grasp of English, being able to…even string a sentence together. ‘Sticky Digits’ is erotic writing at it’s [best]. It contains … Metaphors…sexual imagery and a…use of …adjectives. This is a …book!” Frampton echo

“Spellbinding eroticism at it’s best. There won’t be a dry seat in the house” DeMenthe Publications